Important update about Hybrid Martial Arts...

Just so everyone is on the same page as word spreads...this is what we sent to our students over the past few days. They were the first ones to know. We will be posting updates as we's not the end...just the beginning of something different. Who knows what the future holds???

It is with heartfelt sadness and regret that we must inform you that Friday, August 23rd 2019 will be the last day of classes at Hybrid Martial Arts. We considered many options but have to give our 30 day notice as our lease is up at our current location August 31st. Your last payment will be prorated to reflect the days left before we close and then your contract will be considered canceled. We had a great 3 years and made many close friends and saw so many of our students grow. While we have held onto a pretty steady base of students...our operational costs continued to rise about $400 per month per year and would be expected to continue at that rate or more starting in September. We have also seen a monthly increase in student payment defaults up to $900 some months. The business is just not sustainable at this time and while it breaks our heart we have to make sure we can feed our family first. The last week of August we will be selling alot of the equipment and items in the school and cleaning things out. We will not be getting rid of everything however...we hope in the next couple of years we can buy a house and outbuilding to continue some Jiu Jitsu classes and other training in more sustainable ways. Thank you more than you know for your support. We know this may seem as a shock but we wanted to try and make things work up until we absolutely had to give notice to our landlord. Thank you again, Hugs and Tears...Coach Roland, Dawn and Sophie

P.S. We hope to have one last student BBQ the weekend of the 24/25th. We will keep everyone posted.

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Our team is an amazing support system and extended family! 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The gentle art. Jiu jitsu consists of takedowns and grappling using leverages and movement to be able to force an opponent to submit to you with the use of small joint manipulation and choke holds. Equipment needed: Gi, mouth guard and cup are optional * NO-GI classes are also offered

Muay Thai Kickboxing

The art of 8 limbs. We will be learning proper punching and kicking as well as knees and elbows for striking. Classes also consist of clinch work and high intensity conditioning that goes along with Muay Thai training. Equipment needed: boxing gloves, shin guards, cup, mouth guard.

Youth Programs

Youth jiu jitsu will go over everything the basics class will go over as far as movement drills and techniques. The will also learn how to deal with bullying, learn self-discipline and respect for themselves and others. Equipment needed: Gi