About Us

Roland began training in 2005 with Chris McCune at McCune’s Martial Arts with the intent of fighting MMA. Shortly after starting, he realized how much he was drawn to the jiu jitsu and made it his primary art with muay thai right behind it.  He received his black belt in jiu jitsu in March, 2016 from Sifu Chris McCune, who is a 3rd degree black belt under the legendary Rigan Machado.  He has also had the privilege of training muay thai the last 5 years with  Kru Tom Trutnau and has even spent time training in Thailand.  He has almost 12 years of training jiu jitsu and muay thai, 8 years as a professional fighter and about 7 years training other professional fighters and grapplers from beginning to high level athletes.  It is the objective of Hybrid Martial Arts LLC to introduce the art and sport of a variety of mixed martial arts to the Monticello and surrounding communities. Our primary focus will be to educate, train, and celebrate the arts of jiu jitsu and muay thai.   Our target customer is anyone ages 6 to 96 that is looking for a sport or hobby to regularly practice that will teach them focus, self defense, fitness, and health and wellness of the mind and body. We want to create a place to “BELONG”. We want to be a resource in the community for people to turn to when they need “something” but aren’t sure what that is. Mixed Martial arts has helped many people relieve stress, gain confidence, beat addictions, cope with grief, control anger management, and gain self-esteem. A lot of students that regularly practice jiu jitsu and muay thai refer to it as their “therapy”.

Program Packages

Rates below are the regular monthly rates. We do offer a military discount of 10% off monthly dues.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Muay Thai

$120 per month(12 mo) $140 (6mo) plus one time fee of $80 if Gi needed

One program only

$90 per month(12 mo) $110 (6mo) plus one time fee of $80 if Gi needed

Youth Programs

$80 per month plus one time fee of $65 if Gi needed


1st member full price, 2nd member $60, 3rd member $40, 4th member $30